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Outdoor Marketing works exceptionally well when accomplished at its best geographical locations and where the audience comes almost daily, like a busy office route, well known shopping places, recreational places – like parks, multiplexes etc. Make sure that the ad itself provides details about your brand. Advertising usually consists of simple 2-color artwork briefly portraying the product / service, contact details, etc., with the name of your organization. Digital Jugglers, the best outdoor media company in Lucknow offers 360 degree outdoor marketing solutions  & help individuals to promote their brand, products & services.

Outdoor Marketing is a form of marketing and advertising that advertises or promotes an brand , product or service in public places. Outdoor Marketing’s goal is to ensure that your companies reach as many target customers as possible. Outdoor marketing ‘s major objective is to demonstrate your product. As startups, SMEs and even large companies concentrate on providing valuable product or brand awareness, this method has emerged as one of the best advertising practices. With Digital Jugglers, the best Outdoor Advertising in Lucknow promote your brand, products & services all over the city & broaden the base of your customers.

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With the best business consultant

your business

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Benefites of
Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor Advertising in Lucknow, Outdoor Marketing

Here are some points that validate that outdoor marketing is still effective amid the rise of the information superhighway :-

  • Many individuals spend a majority of their day, outside their homes. It is believed that individuals engage in outdoor activities or about 8.74 hours per day. The most effective way to access your audience and grab the public’s attention throughout that time is via outdoor marketing.
  • Outdoor advertising is unavoidable. You can’t hide a billboard the way you close a popup window. And they end up consuming the information without even realizing it.
  • At the same time, it’s wide spread and subtle. No one compels you to look at it, but it is so predominant that you cannot ignore it, and sometimes convincing.
  • Outdoor marketing does a fantastic job of making people aware of your brand consistently. Keep in mind that accessibility nourishes familiarity. And familiarity builds up confidence. If you want to reach your clients and build some understanding, then outdoor marketing can help you more often than you think.
  • A prevalent myth about outdoor marketing is that it is not flexible to a company’s specific demographic or that it is not available in appropriate formats to meet specific customers. But outdoor marketing, uses resources such as location, weasel words, and design, does have the potential to be personalized and tailored to the particular cross-section of the population.
  • Outdoor advertisement makes the use of your budget marketing budget efficiently.

Types of
Outdoor Marketing:-

  1. Billboard/Hoarding Advertising :- Billboards/Hoarding offer a broad degree of flexibility to marketers and advertisers in their campaigns, and are accessible in all sorts of widths and areas. Billboards are often located on roadsides (on bridges or independent stands) and close to high-altitude areas, such as shopping centres, stadiums, and commercial areas.
    Types of Billboard advertising :-
  • Static billboards: those usually seen on roadside.
  • Mobile billboards: carried on the back of a vehicle, such as bus, autos cabs etc.
  • Digital billboards: LED poles & LED screen carrying vehicles that make it possible to show digitally animated advertisements.
  1. Transit Advertising :- Also called advertising on transport. Transit advertising is out-of-home media typically, attached or found on the outside or inside of public transportation vehicles such as buses. It also includes advertisements placed in transport precincts such as bus stands, auto/battery rickshaws stands, metro stations and airports.
  2. Multiplex Advertising :- Multiplex advertising or cinema advertising is a great way to put your message in front of a seated and captive audience. Movie theatre advertising allows you to display your ad big, backlit, in full motion and without any competing ads or visual clutter to get in the way.
  3. Print Media Advertising :- Print media advertising is a method of advertising physically printed media to reach consumers, business customers, and potential leads, through magazines and newspapers, pamphlets, posters & direct mails.
  4. FM Radio Advertising :- Advertising on FM Radio is a form of advertising where an advertiser purchases ad campaigns to promote a brand. In India, FM Radio Advertising has proved to be a very flexible platform for brands to interact with their target market.
  5. TV Advertising :- TV advertising (also referred to as a commercial, commercial, advertising, TV advertisement or simply an advertisement) is a range of Television programming generated and paid for by a company. It conveys a message that promotes a product or service and aims to commercialise it. Announcers and marketers refer as TVCs to television commercials.
  6. Cricket Match Advertising :- Advertising in cricket stadium consist of :-
  • Upper Tier Advertising or Pavilion Advertising.
  • Digital Giant Screen.
  • Perimeter Loop.
  1. LED Advertising :- LED advertising screens display distinctive opportunities for video content in which you can display specific content at specified times. Rich possibilities for content make LED display boards ideal for efficient brand marketing. The greatest benefit of LED adverts is its attention-grabbing capacities, ideal for any kind of event, from festivals to fairs to college events. Due to the bright, dynamic display, passersby are much more likely to stop and take your message with them.
  2. Unipole Advertising :- The Unipole (or monopole) sign is a frame structure of the marketing sign placed on a singular steel pole or column. The Uni-pole is a sort of huge billboard set atop a very high pole. The fact that this billboard could be seen even from greater distances improves its efficacy. There are two choices when it comes to lighting: this can either be a light box or front-lit  for versatility.
  3. Tree Guard Advertising :- Tree Guard is a creative and unexpected way to quickly and artfully advertise your brand. Advertising for Tree Guards is highly cost-effective, meaningful & unique. Tree guards are closed metal circular fences that safeguard the trees planted on the dividers of the road, roadsides, gardens inside, etc. To display their ads on them, advertisers often use reflective banners. It is an effective marketing platform and attracts a large number of viewers daily.
  4. Gantry Advertising :- Gantry Hoarding means a hoarding, generally extending a road, fixed to an overhead structure. It is a two-sided structure, so it gives the advertiser the choice to promote on either side of the traffic. Gantry is hugely beneficial as a marketing tool because it also attracts the interest of your prospective customer within a few seconds. Gantries can also display useful directional data and are therefore hard to miss!
  5. BQS (Bus Queue Shelter) :- Bus Queue Shelter commercials are the ads above the sheltered waiting area at the numerous bus stops throughout the city. Bus Queue Shelters are an excellent marketing tactic for all metropolitan cities and prosperous neighbourhoods. Travelers waiting at bus stops and passers-by will see these advertisements placed on top of bus stops. They have strong effect and exposure, and are also accessible in areas where it may be restricted to use most other large-format advertising media.

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