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Brand image of a company is more than its logo. It is perception of a customer or consumer about that product, service and brand. Several studies have shown that customers not only buy the product but their image, their reputation too. However, interaction here does not imply face-to-face interaction between a brand and a customer; it can be through the marketing strategies as well. McDonalds is best known as an inexpensive brand that serves food quickly.

As Kotler defines, “An image is the set of believes, ideas, and impression that a person holds regarding an object.” A brand can have several images; depending from customer to customer’s perception and experience of the brand. Image branding is achieved through experience and interaction of customers with the brand. Therefore, formation of a consistent brand image is a huge responsibility for all kinds of business.


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branding strategy

Which facilitates brand identity, brand positioning
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Branding is not only associated with getting your target audience to select you over competition but also about getting your prospects to see you as the most suitable provider of solutions to their problems.

Before commencing building your brand, the first thing is to formulate image branding strategy which acts as a framework towards building a strong image. Business spends most of their time utilizing time, effort and resources in building their brand identity; deciding how they should look, packaging of their products, how will a customer feel when they are in contact with the brand, brand positioning, etc.

To know whether your business requires image branding or not, here are few pointers that tell you how branding can take your business to new heights –

  • Develops better relationship between customer and business.
  • Builds a positive perception of quality for your products and services than that of competitors.
  • A strong brand image equals to more customers recognizing your brand.
  • Potential customers get attracted towards the products and services that you offer
  • Generates awareness about your business and its products and services.

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Image branding services in Lucknow

Branding services for politicians is very different from branding services for celebrities. Having a great political brand will increase awareness about a politician’s election and social campaigns while stand out the digital brand from the competition. Who will be a better example than Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who built a brand for himself during the 2014 General elections?
Digital Jugglers offer most innovative and creative image branding services in Lucknow. At Digital Jugglers we understand importance of positive image branding for a business and their products and services which fetches consistency and reliability of your organization.


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