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Role of Digital PR in Improving Your Brand’s Presence

Digital PR is a set of strategies used to increase a brand’s awareness and visibility online. Although similar to Traditional PR, Digital PR provides the opportunity to reach a broader audience which otherwise would not have been possible through offline methods. Digital PR Agencies take up strategies: SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Outreach and Social Media. Digital PR includes an array of marketing possibilities such as being interviewed by online publications, boosting your online presence and using social media’s interactive power for additional growth and recognition.


Disciplines of Digital PR

A Digital PR Specialist uses an expansive range of tactics to enhance a client’s web presence. Examples of it are –
• Provisioning online press releases
• Establishing relationships with online journalists and bloggers to give rise to online press coverage
• Organizing business profiling
• Making arrangements for online reviews and interviews
• Making sure that press releases are optimized with relevant backlinks back to your website
• Incorporating influencer marketing and blogger outreach to get a mention on influential social media accounts and blogs
• Publishing online content to cherish an excellent reputation and high-quality backlinks

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Benefits of Digital PR

Some of the ways in which Digital PR can benefit your brand –
digital pr agency in india, Digital PR Agency in India

1. Boosting Your Website Traffic

When your brand gets mentioned online frequently and in different places, chances are more that people will visit your website.

digital pr agency in india, Digital PR Agency in India

2. Improving SEO

When your content gets published on high authority sites that link to your website, your SEO rankings will automatically improve for your target keywords, improving your website traffic and leads or sales.

digital pr agency in india, Digital PR Agency in India

3. Establishing you as an Authority in your Niche

When your high-quality articles get published on high authority sites, your reputation will increase as you will now be regarded as a credible source of information, and trust will build in your brand.

digital pr agency in india, Digital PR Agency in India

4. Generating leads and sales

Applying the strategy of Digital PR, your brand gets mentioned more frequently in front of your target audience, which can probably pose as proficient leads for your business and can also return the favour by generating sales.

digital pr agency in india, Digital PR Agency in India

5. Enhance your brand image and increase trust

Hearing more and more about your brand will now be the advantage that will, in turn, see an increased number of positive reviews.

Starting a Digital PR Campaign

Whether you have decided to do Digital PR on your own or hire an agency for the same, it’s crucial to get started. Once you create and look at the opportunities, you can figure out what’s working and what’s not for your brand.

Get to know your target audience’s interests and online behaviour to provide them with the right services. Make use of surveys and social media interactions to get an overview of your audience interested in your brand and its message.

Have thorough knowledge about your goals and strategy to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. Journey to make high-quality, authoritative content and build meaningful relationships with influencers and top bloggers in your niche.

If you want to outsource your Digital PR services for immense growth and success of your brand, then you can get in touch with the best Digital PR agency in Lucknow, Digital Jugglers.

Public Relations Activities

An organization uses PR activities and its essential tools to spread a positive message about the organization and its products and services. Some of the foremost Public Relations Activities are –

1. Media Relations
2. Counselling
3. Research
4. Publicity
5. Employee Relations

Media Relations

Press Coverage is the most widely used Public Relations activity to reach a large group of customers. PR experts use print or broadcasting media to escalate information about the organization and its offerings. The experts craft the storyline, collect the relevant facts about the organization, and market these to distinct media sources, namely, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, The Internet, etc.

The organizations use various media relations tools such as audio recordings, video recordings, matte releases, press kits, website press rooms, newsletters, corporate social responsibility, etc., to preside over the information flow between the organization and its public.

PR Package for influencers – Blue Tick Verification

Influencers usually Instagrammers look out for PR services to verify their Instagram profile. This will definitely increase trust and hence commercially it becomes feasible.

Online PR that too in big news portal is a must for influencers using Instagram and Facebook, for the verification process. As a full-fledged Digital PR agency in Lucknow, we do the verification and also the news release work.


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