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What is
Digital PR?

Digital PR is about maintaining a professional and commending online image by a company. The means through which a Digital PR agency promotes a company are blogs, websites, and social media. The objectives of a Digital PR campaign are to increase online mentions, backlinks, and company brand. If you are looking for the best PR agency in Delhi, we have you covered.


Who needs
Digital PR?

In today’s time, a lot depends on the image a company conveys online. The information presented by Digital Media heavily influences the general public. Even purchase decisions are taken by looking at the current state of an organization online. Employers also look around for probable new hires online before hiring them. Everyone is seeking an answer to that critical question What do the search engine results portray about you? If this question is vital for you as an organization, individual, or your clients, Digital Jugglers can surely help!



If you are a celeb, an executive, or even a normal person with some accurate representation, it’s imperative for you to maintain a solid and positive online presence and reputation. As a top PR agency in Delhi, we can help you in this matter.



A company’s online reputation is crucial in building customer trust; how it’s presented online marks the vital decision customers might want to make when buying your products and service. So Digital PR comes foremost there as well.


Agency Partnerships

If you are a Traditional Public Relations firm seeking the best PR agencies in Delhi, do count on us as we are proud to maintain a significant presence. It’s substantial for a traditional firm to partner with a Digital agency to show dominance in the market.



Branding becomes indispensable when people are looking for products and services specific to your Niche. Branding can position your brand as a thought-leader in the vast market, and your digital supremacy will get a boost.

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Public Relations Activities

All your digital marketing troubles will fade away working with us

Do you want to build fruitful relations with the media and examine and look through your activities and conversations about your industry and competitors across print, broadcast, online and social media? Then you have landed at the right place. PR activities build your name during the entire communication life-cycle of your brand with media and influencers.

Have a look at some of the prominent activities that we do as a PR agency-

All your digital marketing troubles will fade away working with us

1. External Communications – Messages publicized to external audiences through paid, owned, or earned media.

2. Internal Communications – Planned messages communicated to employees through several communication channels, namely newsletters, bulletin boards, payroll stuffers, posters, etc.

3. Media Relations – Advisedly planned and executed messages are propagated to designated media to further the interest of an individual and organization without any special payment to the media. Finding and connecting with journalists and influencers to escalate messages is what media relations rely on.

4. Paid Advertising – Development, purchase, and placement of deliberately planned and executed messages in elected print, broadcast, online or social media to further the interest of an organization or an individual.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Corporation’s obligations and responsibilities to communities are acknowledged by making monetary and resource contributions to charitable organizations.

6. Corporate Sponsorship – By allocating corporate resources for dispensing support to an event or cause in return for a chance to enhance goodwill, product image, and sales.

7. Promotion – Stimulating interest in a person, product, organization, or cause by using methods of events, promos, ads, and stunts.

8. Press Releases – Because of the relevance/importance to the community or the media outlet’s audiences, information about an organization, person, issue, or cause is broadcasted in the news media.

Media Relations

All your digital marketing troubles will fade away working with us

Press coverage is the most often employed public relations activity for reaching an extensive range of clients. Public relations professionals employ print and broadcast media to disseminate information about the organization and its services. Experts create a storyline and collect all necessary details about the company, which they then advertise to various media outlets such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet, etc.

To control the flow of information between the organization and its audience, the organizations utilize various media relations tools like press kits, audio recordings, video recordings, internet press rooms, matte releases, newsletters, corporate social responsibility, and so on.


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