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Brand is a philosophical concept where the customer builds an emotional connection with a product or service. Brand identity is the visual component of a brand that represents ideas. Building a brand is not something that you need to do one time; consistency is the key in creating and maintaining your brand identity. Brand identity design includes logo designing, logo animation, packaging, Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Logos are regarded as face of a product, service or business. There are several products of which people might not remember the name, but they can easily identify the product by its logo. Logos should be attractive, appealing and convey the idea of the product or business; in simple terms, logo identifies a business or product in its simplest form. When a business has a strong image, just by the logo or packaging of a product, it can be connected with its brand, even by a kid. When you see an apple from which a bite has been taken, you know it’s the Apple brand. Coca-cola, Thumbs Up, Nike, Puma are names of a few companies with strong brand image.


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    These brands spend millions on their branding strategies to develop and promote their brands in order to boost sales volume and market share. In case of small businesses and start-ups, they may have better quality products and services than their competitors but they may buy competitors products because it has good brand identity which creates perception of good quality of products in the buyer’s mind.

    With logo animation, you can add spark to your logo. How? Animation makes the logo and the brand come alive while at the same time connects their consumer base to the brand. Spotify, Fedex, Google and several other brands that have opted logo animation have raised their popularity and customers while making their brand identity strong. Our team comprises of experienced individuals in creative and interactive video creation to feed all your branding needs such as re-branding video, brand documentary video, introductory video, explanatory video, 2D animation video and a lot more. We are all-set to collaborate with you to re-invent your brand and increase your reach to your prospects.

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    Logo designing in Lucknow

    Logo designing in Lucknow is an art that’s not mastered by everyone. At Digital Jugglers, we can provide you with all the branding assistance you need, whether it is logo designing, logo animation, building your brand. Our team makes sure your idea of business reflects in your branding strategy and logo designing.

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