It is often said that the most creative ideas do not come from experience but from young immature minds. One such idea was sown in the summer of 2015 in the brain of a lad in his post graduation. Although, in the initial days he had to work for other firms to understand the business and the market, but that was just the beginning of a great initiative. Within a year, the idea blossomed into a fully fledged business. In 2016, the market welcomed a new competitor to the world of digital marketing which popularly came to be known as Digital Jugglers.

Digital Jugglers is an initiative by the Crazy Brand Bazar Pvt Ltd. The brand runs online magazines and YouTube channels. The company focuses on marketing strategies, provides branding consultancy, digital marketing, public relation (PR) and creative campaigns, websites and applications and software solutions that are bases of running a business in the today’s global digital market. The company offers well tailored plans and packages for medium and big business houses, organisations, enterprises, individuals and entrepreneurs. The plans and packages differ on the basis of the need and the budget of the client.
A long list customers that includes politicians, schools and colleges, doctors, start up organisations, non government organisations (NGOs), local businesses, event management companies and others making use of it and have registered positive feedbacks with respect to the company’s reach out to the public. The services of the company are not only limited to the local market but also works well for some renowned international clients. The credits for the success of the fresh idea goes to the young and energetic minds put to work in the technical and creative department.

The company saw a great hike in the business with the Prime Minister emphasising on the plan of digital India and also highlighting the importance of going digital. The market around is undergoing a great transformation and has chosen to go digital. This not only is the need of the hour but also holds importance to the changing global market.
Go digital now with Digital Jugglers!

Why Us

As a client seeking digital marketing consultation, what would e the few things that you would like to consider as foremost? Will they be transparency in the work, quality, variety, agreement or timer invested in the project? If yes, we have come to the right place to seek help. We at Digital Jugglers are the company that you have been looking for.
Digital jugglers is one of the few companies in the field that provides varied consultation services based on the need of the client. The plans and the packages offered re modified on the basis of the requirement and the budget of the service seeker. The company guarantees the best of work quality given in the time frame. The conditions for the provided services might although vary from the place and time it is offered. Absolute transparency of the process comes along with any of the packages. Any progress on the project and the foreseen plan is informed to the customer and is only worked upon after it is flagged off by the client.
What adds to the services offered is that there is no time boundation for any of the projects. No pre defined hours and days of work or services are defined in the agreement. These shall majorly depend upon individual project requirements. Not for a second shall the client feel cheated or over promised. Services shall be provided up to each mark as defined before the agreement. In case of any complaints, there shall be immediate to rectify the same. The company shall deliver for each word that it signed for.
The progress report and the support service offered by the company come as a compliment with the plan. Any consultation needed post the agreement shall also be taken into consideration. Immediate and smooth efforts shall be taken to provide best and most efficient services.
The company believes in its growth along with the growth of its customers. Happy customers shall be the goal for today and the rest of the successful years.

As much as the market looks up to the Digital Jugglers for the phenomenal services, the company itself has great plans for the years. Delivering high quality digital marketing service is on the top list of the brand to achieve happy and satisfied customers. It plans to become one of the leading marketing consultancies in the country and strives to achieve the same.
One of the major areas that the company caters to is to provide result oriented and affordable services to the clients. The services hence depend largely upon the requirement, need and budget of the service taker. Digital Jugglers shall also maintain 360% integrated solution transparency.
Further modifications, modifications and plans shall also take into consideration the customer need and the market requirement.

With experiencing tremendous success in the initial year of the start up, Digital Jugglers soon plans to extend its services into broader and more versatile fields. In the coming years, the company shall look forward to spreading across the demographical boundaries, covering a bigger market in terms of areas and parts of the country.
The team shall see a better number of creative heads to bring out more uncommon yet acceptable ideas. The company shall open doors for experimenting more into the digital world. Undertaking government projects, working on films and movies, albums and events is on the current to-do-list of the digital Jugglers.
In the coming years, the brand plans to occupy a better percentage of the market. It shall together work to achieve the same.

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