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Top Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For in 2023

December 5, 20220

Technology advances quickly. New, popular social media apps, improved smartphones, and other technological developments appear every year and promise to alter your digital marketing.
We’ve put up a list of the top digital marketing trends for the coming year to help you cut through the hype.


1. Metaverse

The term “virtual world within a world” is frequently used to describe the Metaverse, which is currently owned by Meta (Facebook). It is an uncharted digital cosmos where augmented or virtual realities interact to form a shared, participatory space.
In a future world where you can do whatever you want, having a digital version of yourself seems to have a lot in common with video games.
Because of a network of realities/virtual universes where space is present almost everywhere, social trading is now possible. Because of this, modern digital marketers have found a method to use video to bridge the gap and establish a completely new category of digital marketing.


2. NFTs

Digital assets that can be traded are called tradeable tokens. Each NFT (Non-fungible Token) bears a distinctive token that serves as proof that it is the original and only yours. NFTs are not only influencing art and technology, but also marketing.

As part of their marketing strategy, NFTs are given away in a lottery. A good illustration of this is Marriott Bonvoy’s raffle for a free NFT and 200,000 Bonvoy points.

High-end businesses like Adidas, Marriott, and others have employed digital marketing techniques. A new universe of expansion and potential will be made possible by increased NFTs as a marketing tool.


3. Cryptocurrency

One of the hottest fads in the Instagram version of the financial world is cryptocurrencies. Even though none saw it coming, it entered the market and eventually pushed the rivals off. As a result, there are between 10 and 12 million active cryptocurrency investors in India, and given the high profits, this number is anticipated to increase.

Millennials, who view cryptocurrencies as trendy and futuristic, have been more and more interested in investing in them. To spread knowledge and give investors a taste of this new investment opportunity, bitcoin investment platforms are leveraging the younger generation’s thirst for free cryptocurrency.

We can use cryptocurrency to pay for groceries and other essentials, like Google Pay.


4. Social Commerce

China has already built a billion-dollar industry around social commerce, but India is only getting started. Social media platforms are used by brands to advertise their products live, and the audience can buy the goods right now.

Brands can use Instagram’s Shop function to give live videos a Show Now option. Social commerce, which has shortened the time it takes for customers to get from seeing an ad to making a purchase, is one of the finest digital marketing trends for 2022.


5. Voice Search

A research found that 55% of teenagers regularly use voice search. Given how frequently today’s kids utilise technology, voice search is expected to take off in the years to come.

The popularity of voice search, a capability that the majority of us received with our smartphones in 2014, is rising. Additionally, smart speakers are becoming more and more common; 20% of households already own Alexa or Google Home smart speakers. Voice-controlled devices are being accepted by people more and more, which is a hint that this new method of operation will stick around.
Google claims that its voice search has a 95% accuracy rate for the second time. As search accuracy has increased, voice search has become more user-friendly. In addition, the process is more enticing and customised now because using your voice to get results is simpler and more exact to match what you ask for.


6. Programmatic Advertising

Digital advertisements are acquired through programmatic ad buying. On the other hand, automated buying is a procedure that substitutes machine learning algorithms for human participation when purchasing advertisements.

AI-assisted programmatic advertising allows advertisers to target their desired customers with greater precision.

Long-term advantages of automation include both improved conversion rates and lower customer acquisition expenses. Real-time bidding, a programmatic ad buying approach that enables more exact and quick targeting, can be used to buy and sell advertisements on an individual basis.


7. Automated and Personalized Email Marketing

As the name implies, automated email marketing is sending emails to your customers on a regular basis based on predetermined triggers or deadlines.

Email has always been the most dependable marketing channel available in the digital world. Promotional emails are a fantastic method to inform your customers about the success of your business or impending sales.

However, due to the abuse of bulk email strategies, the majority of consumers have stopped responding to promotional emails. Personalized emails are a great method to get back your consumers’ attention and increase customer engagement.


8. AI in Marketing

Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has generated a lot of discussion, with many people thinking that it will eventually control every facet of human existence. 60% of internet users may get their inquiries answered on multiple apps or websites at once, by employing an AI Chatbot.

The content we consume on social media contains a lot of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it’s made to keep us interested for longer! The possibility to leverage this cutting-edge technology, which is predicted to be worth $190 billion by 2025, is therefore tremendous for digital marketers.
An AI algorithm can find patterns that work best in the area or subject it investigates by examining a lot of data. Then, by letting the AI use the strategies it has found to be most effective, programmers can substantially alter the results; thanks to the AI’s capacity for learning.


Stay Ahead of the Game

In order to create better products, properly sell and market them, and improve the customer experience, digital marketing trends are emphasising shared experiences. To keep on top of where digital marketing is going as we enter the new year, it’s crucial to understand the current trends in digital marketing and prepare for those to come.


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