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Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategies

April 26, 20210


What is Pay Per Click marketing?
Pay Per Click marketing is a method of developing new viewers to your product or service online. A traffic provider generates traffic for all types of businesses, then after filtering delivers those interested in specific types of products or services to websites that offer exactly what the person is looking for.

One very popular type of filtering is that of a search engine. This is perhaps the most powerful, easily converted traffic that is available for any product in any marketplace. For example, if you were looking for the very popular “Livestrong” wristbands and went online to a search engine and entered that as your search, it’s highly likely that you are looking for a website that sells that product. If you are a website owner selling that product, this is HIGHLY PROFITABLE traffic for you.

The most exciting aspect of this type of traffic is that you know exactly how many visitors you are going to get for each dollar spent. So, if you are paying 36rs for a visitor and you spend 3,60,000rs, you know you will get 10,000 new visitors to your website. That’s an amazingly powerful form of advertising. You wouldn’t get that running a TV ad – that’s for sure!

In addition, you only pay for “UNIQUE” visitors. If the same person finds you through the search engine twice today, your only going to be charged once. And, you are assured that all the visitors are relevant. You aren’t going to get people looking to buy bathing suits if you’re selling the wrist bands. You will only get the TRAFFIC from the categories you TARGETED.

Strategies for PPC Marketing:

  • Preparation: You cannot market without preparing the merchandise. Before you get into PPC, you need to make certain your site is well set; every one of the sections is visible and anything else is prepared. You don’t want to send visitors to a website that has broken links, overlapping text or products, and incomplete pages.


  • Pick a budget: Having fixed finance is important before you embark on any internet advertising. Working with no budget might lead you to spend a great deal of money without proper control. A financial budget will be determined from the position you need to access in search engines like google and also the period you wish to run the advert.


  • Key phrase research: Keywords are the backbone of success in PPC advertising. You should take quality time to review the niche for your niche to get the best keywords. The keywords ought to be analyzed to single out those who may create a conversion in order that they are given higher prominence. Obtaining the wrong keywords can result in heavy losses.


  • Landing Pages — keyword classes should visit targeted landing pages on the site so as to create the very best conversion rate. A concerted attempt to improve the conversion rate of the customer’s sites or landing webpages will yield far better ROI metrics and allow for a better spend on well-performing advertisement collections, thus increasing overall visitors and earnings. We concentrate on enhancing the homepage, landing pages, and some other pages which are likely to be getting visitors from keyword searches. 


  • Monitoring and evaluation: PPC search engine marketing tactics are tricky and you need to have a constant eye on the campaign to gauge progress. You should get the daily reports and consider these to correct any shortcomings.


  • Be ready to handle the results: Advertising, it is best to anticipate handling the elevated business. This can need you to be ready to service orders where you may need to increase staff. You’ll have to be designed for customer service to reply to the many questions that will arise. Insufficient preparation may lead to the loss of the firms you initially desired to gain by means of PPC.


  • Daily Optimization – Optimize and manage keyword classes daily depending on the conversions over the keyword amount, so traffic could be promoted on well-performing keyword classes and diminished on poor-performing keyword classes. This guarantees the greatest possible effort ROI for a variety of keyword classes. Successful daily keyword optimization will create far better ROI metrics in addition to added targeted traffic and earnings as time passes. 

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