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March 19, 20210

A/B TESTING also known as split testing is a process of showing two variants of the same web page to different segments or apps at the same time and comparing which variant drives more conversions. One of the important ways to optimize your website’s funnel in digital marketing is A/B testing.


In an A/B test, you can take a webpage or app screen and modify it to create a different version of the same page. These changes can be as simple as a headline or button or complete change of page. Then, half of your traffic is shown the original version of the page and the other half is shown a modified version of the page.

When the visitors see the post, their engagement with each experience is measured and collected and then it gets analyzed through a statistical engine. Then you can determine whether the changes had any effects on the engagement. 


On following A/B testing framework you can start running the test.

  1. Collect Information- Your investigation will regularly give knowledge into where you can start upgrading. It assists with starting with high traffic regions of your site or application, as that will permit you to assemble information quicker. Search for pages with low change rates or high drop-off rates that can be improved.
  2. Identify your goals- Your change objectives are the measurements that you are utilizing to decide if the variety is more fruitful than the first form. Objectives can be anything from clicking a catch or connection to item buys and email information exchanges.
  3. Create your own presumption- once you have identified your goals then you can start thinking about A/B testing ideas and what version will work better for you.
  4. Create difference forms-  Make the desired changes to any particular element of your website. This can be changed in color or arranging call to action buttons.
  5. Run the experiment and analyze the result- once everything is done run your experiment and analyze the result as from where you got the most traffic for your website.


There are multiple on page SEO elements that could form the building of your A/B experiments, such as



While testing for these things iy=ts important to stick to the optimum length of the tags that is 50- 60 character for title tag and 55-160 character for the meta description. You can change certain words in them in order to improve your rankings.



Long URL structure can be a problem so it’s better to keep the URL short and to the point. Try to make and use schema markup to help search engines to understand your website better.



You can try out the distinct call to action button on your site page by changing the situation where you are well on the way to get more clicks and by changing the content, color and the plan of the buttons.



Try out different web pages with diverse types of images and videos and find out the chances in bounce-rates and on-pages optimization and go with best choices which is best for your website.



If you are a business owner or you sell something, you can slightly modify the description of the products to see on which keywords you are having a great traffic or you can have amazing sales of your product.



Before doing A/B testing you need to concentrate on your goals as what changes  are going to bring benefit to your business. You simply need to utilize a little time while setting up your tests and make certain changes to give any SEO landing pages sufficient time to make testing productive. A/B testing can help you to understand a lot of things about your traffic and the search engines so always test out different variations and go with the best. Find the perfect solution for all your SEO problems at Digital jugglers- a digital marketing company in Lucknow which will provide solutions to all your digital marketing problems.

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