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Why Outdoor Advertising is still prominent & effective in the world of Digital Advertising.

December 1, 20200

Outdoor Advertising also is known as out of house advertising or OOH Advertising.  It reaches to potential customers when they are outside there house. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America say 70% of consumers gets aware of the product or offers or service by reading them outside of their house. Which proves Outdoor Advertising is still a very important part of branding even in this digital age.

Outdoor advertising is done to grab people’s attention easily towards their brand. Most importantly outdoor advertisement for any small business and mortar business is its built-in outdoor advertising signage board. Outdoor advertising is important because it is effective and less intrusive than many other forms of advertising. Considering its cost benefits, Outdoor Advertising has less CPM(Cost  Per Thousand).


After seeing all the basic benefits that you are getting through Outdoor Advertising which most of the companies consider while promoting their brand. Digital Juggler the best outdoor media company in Lucknow which provides 360-degree solution for outdoor marketing solutions and helps to promote their brand, product and services. As start-ups, SME’s and even large companies believe in providing valuable products or brand awareness, this outdoor advertising has emerged as best advertising practice. With Digital Juggler, the best advertising agency in Lucknow promotes your brand, product and services all over the city and broadens the base of the customers.

, Why Outdoor Advertising is still prominent & effective in the world of Digital Advertising.

Types of Outdoor marketing:

  1. Billboard/Hording Advertisement: They are mostly placed on Sky-high building or busy motorway- to capture a wider audience.

Type of Billboards:

  • Static Billboard: Usually seen on a roadside
  • Mobile Billboard: Carried on the back of vehicles such as cabs, auto, bus, etc.
  • Digital Billboards: LED poles and Led Screens which attached at the back of vehicles with an animated advertisement.
  1. Unipole Advertisement: The Uni-pole is a large-format billboard type placed atop a very high pole. The main benefit of this is it can be seen from a large distance as it is placed on high uni-poles. There two types in lightning in this billboard light box or front-lit.
    , Why Outdoor Advertising is still prominent & effective in the world of Digital Advertising.
  2. Transit Advertising: Also known as advertising on transports. Its found outside or inside of public transports like buses. It is also placed transport stands such as Bus Stand, Auto stand, Airports.
  3. Print Media Advertising: Print Media advertising is a method of advertising physically printed media to reach consumers, potential leads, through direct mails, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  4. Tree Guard Advertising: Advertising with help of tree guard is highly cost-effective. It is an effective marketing platform to attract huge consumers daily.
  5. FM Radio Advertising: . In FM Radio Advertising, an advertiser pays commercial radio stations for airtime and in exchange, the radio station broadcasts the advertiser’s commercial to its listening audience.


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