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10 Steps to Unlock Digital Success of Local Businesses During Lockdown

May 22, 20200


1. Enhance Your Online Visibility.

Visibility can be improved by posting regular and relevant content, SEO, social media campaigns, Facebook ads, blogs, reviews, etc. For example, if you have a local flower shop, creating an online presence on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook would be a great choice since they allow you to post images and highlight your product.


, 10 Steps to Unlock Digital Success of Local Businesses During Lockdown


2. Design Your Website/Revamp Your Existing Website.

Having a well-designed website can give you an edge over your competitors and increase web traffic. But if your website design is outdated/ sales are decreasing/ you’re getting complaints about user-experience, a website redesign is necessary. “62 percent of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased sales. – Econsultancy”.

3. Create an E-Platform To Take Orders And Receive Payments.

E-Commerce platforms allow you to build an online store from scratch, sell your products and services, provide payment gateways, and even manage marketing tasks like sending emails/newsletters. Some of the best E-Commerce platforms are Shopify, BigCommerce, Opencart, Wix, etc.

4. Optimize Your Search Engine Presence.

Once you rank up SEO, your sales will skyrocket with no recurring expenses. For example, if you have a waste management industry, and your goal is to increase visibility and sales of your business among the people, you can develop an SEO campaign, optimize your visibility in “Google My Business”, generate high-quality links and improve on-page local optimization.

5. Post Regular Updates on Social Media Platforms.

To reach out to the younger audience, Mercedes Benz started an Instagram marketing campaign back in 2013. They hired five top Instagram photographers each to take the wheel of a new Mercedes CLA. Whoever got the most likes got to keep the car – so they all gave their best! As a result, Mercedez received 87,000,000 organic Instagram impressions, 2,000,000 Instagram likes, and 150 new marketing assets


, 10 Steps to Unlock Digital Success of Local Businesses During Lockdown


6. Create And Promote Short Videos About Your Business.

To explain the audience easily and entertainingly, how awesome your product or service is, you can create & promote short videos a.k.a. do video marketing. For example, during IPL season 2, Vodafone India spread awareness about the company’s value-added services through a series of Zoozoo video ads. Zoozoos are cartoon characters created by Vodafone India. As a result, the Vodafone Zoozoo page on Facebook achieved 10 million likes.


, 10 Steps to Unlock Digital Success of Local Businesses During Lockdown


7. Reach Customers Through SMS, WhatsApp, and Email.

SMS, and Email & WhatsApp marketing have important roles to play in your overall marketing strategy. Back in 2014, Delhi Police launched Whatsapp helpline number to curb corruption with the name of Anti-corruption WhatsApp helpline. All users had to do was to send in images or videos of policemen not doing their duty or taking bribes.

8. Make Your Customers’ Records Digital.

Effective customer data management is beneficial for your business. Customer data management embraces a range of software that helps businesses keep track of their customer information and survey their customer base to obtain feedback. There’s a wide variety of customer data management software available to store customer data like CRM, DMP, CDP.

9. Use Analytical Tools to Understand Your Audience.

If you don’t understand your target markets, you probably won’t be able to scale. Google Analytics, Facebook Audience Manager, Twitter Audience Insights are some of the technologies that make building customer personas ridiculously easy.

Google Anaytics

10. Automate Your Business Processes Through Digital Transformation.

Automating day-to-day workflows lies at the heart of successful digital transformation. According To McKinsey, 45% of work activities can be automated using existing technology, and 83% of IT decision-makers believe workflow automation is essential to digital transformation.


, 10 Steps to Unlock Digital Success of Local Businesses During Lockdown


The current global crisis will change our lives, and to survive in the present and post-Corona future, this global lockdown needs a full digital unlocking.

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