Employment Opportunities in Digital Marketing Industry And How to be ready for them

It doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring digital marketer or a seasoned marketing pro. It is important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in this fast moving industry, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

Almost a decade ago, there weren’t any job titles such as Social Media Editor, Social Media or SEO Manager. Internet’s unstoppable rising and social media platforms’ explosion have led up to a new era. Emergence of Social Media has resulted in a rise of employment opportunities for the creative crowd.

The newest kind of marketing technique that has been introduced is content marketing. Unlike those aggressive marketing campaigns and sales techniques, content marketing increases awareness about the product / service being offered and draws the customer’s attention through blogs, posts and newsletters.

In addition to this, marketers collaborate with Digital Marketing Houses, market analysts, promotion and event companies to define target audiences and fulfill customer needs by using SEO/SEM and other social media platforms.

Job specifications for these types of jobs vary based on industries, but mainly you will be expected to spend your time creating and managing online campaigns, running paid ads or managing social media accounts.

In order to excel in these job domains, here are 5 skills you need to hone in order to achieve more in this industry:

  • SEO: It is a complex science. You must know about structured data, monitoring tools, mobile search optimization and voice search. Knowing all this wil make you a better marketer and provide you with the required confidence to take actions.
  • Content Marketing: Content is still the ruler. It is evolving rapidly. Companies look out for people who can deliver creative and engaging content. When you get better at content, you also get better at SEO.
  • Social Media Management: Creating posts, continuous promotion, boosts, Social Media Advertisements, Mutual Sharing and keywords optimization are some of the things that are required in SMM. You need to focus on community management, service promotions and engagement through ephemeral content.
  • Analytics: Expand your knowledge beyond Google Suite. You must know how to track key metrics to identify the lacking areas and loopholes, use IoT, eCommerce Statistics and conducting surveys.
  • Video: After you market your video on social media channels, you should adjust the video meta tags, descriptions and titling.

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