Facebook: New Updates & Crossposting

Previous month, Facebook organized and event for the developers, Facebook Developer Conference (also known as F8). The conference included a number of changes and innovations made on the platform which included new dating option, the ability to clear your ad history, and enhancements around AR and VR.
Although the updates are limited but they are pretty beneficial for the marketeers. In this blog Digital Jugglers is going to dig a little deeper in these small amendments made online. The heads we are going to look into are:
1- Facebook Live: Crossposting
2- Video Retention Metric
3- Video Best Practices
4- Updates to Issue Ads
So now, let’s have small brief on all the updates.
1- Updates for Facebook Live: Crossposting
Facebook has released two new feature for Live – Persistent Stream Keys and Live Crossposting as a way of making the communities adopt the Facebook Live options more frequently. Going live is definitely easier, but the real problem is to share these posts manually on other pages that one manages. As an individual, if you manage  one or two Facebook pages, sharing live video feeds seems like a normal thing. But for large business houses like Digital Jugglers, who have access to multiple pages, it becomes time-consuming and a big problem. With the new addition of Live Crossposting, all Pages can now easily publish a single Live broadcast on multiple Pages as an original post which eventually means, more Live viewers and a bigger potential audience. But broadcasts created via the Live API (Publisher Tools and facebook.com/live/create) are the only ones who are eligible for Live crossposting.

Before you start a Live broadcasting, you need to establish a crossposting relationship with another Pages. Although, other pages might also get to choose how your Page can crosspost their Live videos. The second scenario is where one can establish both Manual and Automatic Crossposting Relationships where all of the Page’s broadcasts which enable Live crossposting will automatically publish on your Page (You should do this only with trusted pages). Expiration has no impact on crossposted broadcasts. If the original Live broadcast is deleted, all of the Live crossposts will also be deleted. If the broadcast is deleted after the Live broadcast has ended, only that specific broadcast is deleted. All other crossposted Live broadcasts including the original broadcast remain available for playback.

2- Video Retention Metric
It’s no secret that video is one of the best ways to grab a user’s attention on Facebook. As Digital Jugglers is always persistent in helping advertisers track how their audience is interacting with their videos, Facebook’s announcement on a new update on video retention metrics is going to be more helpful.
– Followers vs Non-Followers: Breakdown of audience retention by people who follow your Page and people who don’t follow your Page.
– Audience Demographics: Breakdown of audience retention by gender.
– Zoom Chart: Zoom into the chart to get a closer look at the data, so you can better visualize the engagement throughout the video to see how key moments affected viewership.
3- Video Best Practices
In addition to the recent updates for Facebook Live and Video Retention Metrics, Facebook has also released an updated guide to video best practices and even included a few thought-provoking questions to ask yourself. Among the recommendations, 3 seem to stand out and reconfirm Facebook’s ultimate goal of connecting people:
– Create content that is likely to drive discussion. Focus on content your audience will connect and engage with. While shorter, meme-related content can often see more shares, this content may not necessarily encourage deeper interaction among people around that content.
– Look closely at engagement around each video. Eyeball and evaluate the volume of reactions, shares, and conversations. You can also use tools like CrowdTangle to identify what’s working and what’s not.
– Encourage your social team to communicate directly with your audience. Respond to comments, ask your fans what they want to hear about, solicit feedback, and source topic ideas. Help your fans get to know you by introducing yourself directly.
You can find a full list of their recommendations here.
4- Updates to Political and Issue Ads
On our last blog, we mentioned the increased transparency on political ads, but yet another new update can be seen, only this time, it is with ‘Issue Ads’. Axios has recently released a new list of issues which will have the same increased transparency requirements as political ads. This list includes:
– Budget
– Civil rights
– Crime
– Economy
– Education
– Energy
– Environment
– Foreign policy
– Government reform
– Health
– Immigration
– Infrastructure
– Military
– Poverty
– Social security
– Taxes
– Values
Any businesses planning to post political or issue ads (like the list above) will need to verify their identity via mail, in addition to disclosing who paid for the ad.
Digital Jugglers, is all set to bring about these changes in large to the masses you still think that Digital Marketing is just about posting pictures and videos. The hashtag culture is definitely on the boom. But the methods and ways of making it work is still not known to most of the people. Digital Jugglers habitually ensures that all those clients who take our service or visit us are well-aware of the changes being made both visually and verbally.

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