Karnataka Assembly Elections is a Step in 2019 for BJP

Karnataka assembly elections were just the beginning of a new era of BJP but stopping there is not a solution. BJP has arranged a broad technique for survey bound Madhya Pradesh, including the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, with party national president Amit Shah expressly assuming control over the charge of the election campaign in three states including Madhya Pradesh.
Sources in BJP said that Shah is destined to take a camp in Bhopal to screen the arrangement of assembly polls which is not long due from now in states like Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh. Amid his current visit to the state capital, Shah had likewise indicated that he would achieve select area to have exchanges with local party leaders and pioneers and chalk out the primary arrangement of action.

Shah, who called-in the party’s state-level office-bearers in New Delhi on Monday for a meeting, took a keen interest in the authoritative and political issues to be addressed for the functioning of the state leadership and monitoring system which could lead the party into an aggressive campaigning mode. The gathering additionally matches with the tradition of national administrators of the seven Morchas with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 17.
“The party is gearing up to execute ‘Karnataka plan’ in poll-bound states where elections are due. Karnataka election results will be announced on May 15 and the party has decided to fight the state elections keeping the organization ahead of the ‘personal image’ of the leaders”, said a BJP state functionary.
“The party has also decided to play a high-decibel campaign based on the welfare schemes launched by Prime Minister Modi for common man. It would also serve the purpose of projecting the main development agenda and counter the challenge of the main opposition, Congress”, said a senior BJP leader.
Similar to 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP have levied an outline for 350 and more seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The BJP’s prime leaders have passed on a reasonable message to its Crore assemble individuals that Mission 2019 will have uncommon spotlight on 100 seats where Congress and other parties had influence regardless of a solid professional Modi wave amid 2014 surveys.

“The party is confident of its poll strategy in the coming elections. In 2014, it was BJP who successfully garnered votes with the help of social media which has strong presence in remote areas. Now, other political rivals have also taken up the cyber war, BJP will change its strategy from social too personal to create deep impact among voters”, said sources.
However, in front of Karnataka surveys, the saffron party had rolled out hierarchical improvements including new state in-charge and national coordinates, the party is yet to design a national checking and planning council for Madhya Pradesh and other survey bound states.
The party has given the tagline of ‘win a booth’ and commits the fight and afterward the triumph to the originator members Kushabhau Thakre and Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia. On the off chance that things turned out good in Karnataka surveys comes about, the BJP would center around Madhya Pradesh to win 200 and more seats in the assembly elections and every one of the 29 seats in the coming Lok Sabha elections to let Modi government take back the control in 2019 governance.

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