Things to consider while naming a business.

Naming of a business is one of the most significant and first decisions which startups make.  When deciding what to call your company, there are plenty of answers but also it should fit with your particular type of business.

What’s in a name? A name can help separate you from competitors and reinforce your company’s image and represent you & the product or services you are offering. Your company’s name will have an impact on the success of your business. A business name can be too short or too enclosed. But it should be catchy and memorable enough so that your target audience can easily remember and pronounce your companies name. And also if your company’s name is too difficult to pronounce then it may be hard to type into search engines as people search for you or your company in those platforms.




Digital Jugglers is one-stop-solution where you’ll get A to Z services from brand identity services to Brand consultancy. Digital Jugglers suggests different and unique domain name for companies and makes your brand name memorable, catchy and visually appealing. We make sure about availability of your domain name and don’t make your target audience work too hard to figure out what your brand is all about. There are so many legal factors we keep in mind while suggesting a name for your business or organization and some of the main factors are:

  • Domain Name
  • Mispronunciation
  • Spelling
  • Similar Names
  • Copyright

We believe that the right name differentiates a startup from its competitors, helps build the brand and sparks an emotional connection with customers. Digital Jugglers provides catchy and enough memorable name so that your target audience can easily remember and pronounce your companies name.

Shakespeare was right to question – what’s in a name?

As it turns out, a name can represent a lot about an entity.

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