Trends in social media

Trends in Social Media

Social media is at buzz now a days, Social trends can be defined as any type of activity that is participated in by society as a whole. Social trends are constantly changing, and many companies use their ability to anticipate the social change as part of their business marketing campaign. Some of these trends are-

1. Less is more, better is better.

Social media is a crowded world already—there are billions of users with social profiles, and they all follow hundreds to thousands of different accounts. On top of that, most platforms’ news feed algorithms now sort posts based on a degree of perceived relevance, rather than based on the time of publication (in fact, Instagram just changed theirs over recently). Quality has always been more important than quantity, but now social platforms and users are further cementing that fact.

2. A shift is happening in platform dynamics.

Until recently, the three big players of the social media game were Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—almost indisputably—and all three platforms served similar functions for slightly different niches.

3. Live streaming is getting bigger.

Video content has seen a huge spike in popularity over the past few years, in part because it has become a more accessible medium, and in part because users are growing tired of older mediums.

4. Buy buttons are becoming more common.

Advertising on social media has always been around—it’s how they make money, after all—but only recently has the advertising experience become something more akin to a shopping experience. Ads and products available to purchase are starting to work their way into users’ news feeds and profiles more smoothly and with fewer distinctions from organic content.

5. New applications are changing social interaction.

The entire motivation behind social media’s existence is the “social” element; these platforms were developed  for people to engage with one another, directly and for the most part, in conversational form. Now, forms of interaction are starting to diversify. Brands and consumers are able to talk to each other in new, more diverse ways, and that range is only broadening.

6. We’re seeing a push for more personalization.

Users are tired of seeing the same types of content populate in their news feeds, and they’re tired of seeing  posts they don’t care about. There’s a greater demand for personalization and customization, and platforms and publishers alike are doing what they can to cater to that demand.

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