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Social Media for Online Store

Shoppers embrace the Internet for a variety of reasons – convenience, price, selection  and over the last few years,one of the major developments in the e-commerce arena is social media shopping. Today’s consumer is heavily influenced by the choices of his or her peers, which is further reflected in the way brands are using social media to capture attention. it’s not surprising that Trend Hunter has seen a number of social media-based product campaigns that encourage users to interact with the brand and make a purchase.Digital buyers worldwide are turning to social networks for a variety of things, like reading reviews and staying on top of fashion trends.Indeed, consumers are increasingly turning to social media not only to be inspired, but to also buy products from. Social Media’s Role in Customer Purchase Journey.If social media has little bearing on direct sales, then what purpose does it serve in the overall ecommerce sales continuum?The article outlines four different segments where marketing channels fit along the customer path to purchase: Awareness, Consideration, Intent, and Decision.

Benefits that derive from Social Media

Despite not being a direct sales channel, social media can support ecommerce in the following ways-:

1.Promote brand awareness:

One of the chief benefits social media provides is its ability to help retailers build brand awareness.Due to its viral nature and ability to quickly and easily spread a message, brands that commit to regular posting of relevant content on social sites grow their base of fans and followers, and have ongoing interaction with them should, over time, expect to see an uptick in awareness.Help overcome customer reluctance to purchase. While customers still express some degree of confidence in advertising messages, that sales in comparison to their reliance on word of mouth, especially when it comes from trusted sources such as family and friends.

2.Improve customer loyalty:

In a day when customers are one click away from doing business elsewhere, the importance of increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value cannot be overstated.By building relationships with new customers and strengthening relationships with existing ones via social networks, it stands to reason both will increase.

3.Provide marketing insights:

Even retailers who choose not to pro-actively participate in social media can benefit by listening to the groundswell of opinion expressed by consumers on such sites.If it’s true that people trust recommendations and advice from other people online, then it behooves merchants to make a practice of hearing what these folks have to say about their brand, products and services.

4.Support search engine optimization:

As Google’s social network becomes more mainstream, we can expect its social signals to be incorporated into Google’s search algorithms,”.

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