Impact of Social Media on Awareness

Information and communication technology has seen a lot of changes and advancements since the year 2000, key among them being the development of social media as a societal influencer. The fast development of mobile technology has played a key role in shaping the impact of social media, To start, let’s agree that brand awareness is a measure of how recognizable your brand is to your target audience.

Why people share information?
A look at why people share information is perhaps the best place to begin when trying to understand the effects of social networking on people and societies.
1. To support cause or issue they strngly feel about.
2.To pass valuable information.
3.Use social sharing to build image and demonstrate who they are and what they stands for.
4.To interact grow and get a sense of fulfillment,nurture relationships and stay in touch with others.
5.To participate and feel involved in things.

Ways to measure social media exposure-
1.Measuring Social Media Exposure
How many people could you have reached with your message?
In social media, this measurement is about as reliable as a print magazine’s circulation, but knowing your potential audience does have value because it represents your potential sales lead pool.
Unfortunately, as of the writing of this post, some of these metrics have to be accounted for manually, so you’ll have to balance the level of effort to track the metrics versus the value you’ll receive from them to determine their importance to your overall strategy.
2. Measuring Engagement
How many people actually did something with your message?
This is one of the most important measurements because it shows how many people actually cared enough about what you had to say to result in some kind of action.
3.Measuring Influence
This category gets into a bit of a soft space for measurement. Influence is a subjective metric that relies on your company’s perspective for definition. Basically, you want to look at whether the engagement metrics listed above are positive, neutral or negative in sentiment.
4.The Lead Generation Funnel
After you’ve measured through the influence portion of the funnel, you’re now creeping into where too many companies are starting their measurement efforts: the lead generation funnel.Social media marketing utilizes various forms of internet-based electronic communication tools, forums and sites that offer customized messaging to very specific audiences.

Digial jugglers provide you the emergence of Internet-based social media has made it possible for one person to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of other people about products and the companies that provide them.

Thus, the impact of consumer-to-consumer communications has been greatly magnified in the marketplace. Social media is a hybrid element of the promotion mix because in a traditional sense it enables companies to talk to their customers, while in a non-traditional sense it enables customers to talk directly to one another.Digital jugglers include providing consumers with networking platforms, and using blogs, social media tools, and promotional tools to engage customers.

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